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Friday, August 27, 2010

Improper use of OWASP Brazilian Chapter's name.

Unfortunately, but possibly due to OWASP AppSec Brazil's success, OWASP's name is being used improperly by an HR company based in Curitiba, capital city of the state of Parana. We are not sure why they are doing this, but possibily to recruit InfoSec professionals.

Today we were reached by an InfoSec company asking about the following: "I was contacted by someone saying to be an OWASP Brazil representative asking for our employees' names and e-mail addresses so they could promote something". Fortunately they noticed that it was a fraud attempt and contacted us, and we explained them the fact.

Thus, is necessary that the public understand the following:
  1. OWASP Brazil is an OWASP Chapter, which holds the principles of being non-profit and not supporting any vendor products or commercial businesses.
  2. OWASP Brazil is formed by volunteers and has its Chapter Leader's name published at its web page.
  3. OWASP Brazil's job is to promote and communicate application security through events, meetings and local actions, having absolutely NO OTHER ACTIONS beyond those mentioned.
Before you get excited about a job opportunity, think about how serious and ethic an HR company is while using another organization's name to gather information of possible candidates.

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